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Kolli hills:

Kollimalai is an extended part of Eastern Ghats. It was natural boundary between the old regions of Chola and Kongu mandalam. It is about 1000’ and 4000’in height. Nowadays the hill is becoming famous among tourists. You have to go up negotiating about 72 hairpin bends! The climate is salubrious all over the year between 14 degrees to a maximum of 30 degrees.

History of Kolli Hills:

The name Kollimalai is derived from a temple where Kollipavai-Ettukai Amman is the name of deity.The old literatures talk of Kollimalai and Valvilori, its king. He was a very rare archer. His valour, marksmanship and philanthropism are still the subjects of local folklore. He ruled this area during 200 AD.

Arappaleeshvarar temple:

This temple was built by Valvil Ori the king of Kollimalai. People believe hat there is a secret underground path from this temple to Rasipuram Siva temple. From this temple we have to start a long steep down trekking to view Akasa Ganga.

Akasa Gangai water falls-Breathtaking experience:

Akasa Gangai is a fitting name for this water falls which makes you awe struck when seen. It cascades down from about 300 ft high. The whole area is green, calm and serene. The forest is abounding in herbal plants. We have real pure air and water. Be assured it is 100% pollution free and a free gift of nature. The breeze is not salty but refreshingly cool and sweet. In the nights the sky is open with a billion stars which we always miss in the concrete jungles of our cities.

The path down requires a lot of energy; the scene is breathtaking; you have to step down thousands of steps from Arappaleeshvarar temple. The sight of roaring falls injects more energy to body and ecstasy to mind.The trekking is hard and tough;the steps down are steep and slippery; the path offers to enjoy the Mother Nature’s bounty around us; the unique experience will remain unforgettable!

Boat house:

Kolli is like any other hill station has got its own boat house at Valasurpatti. The lake is natural and has perennial water supply from the surrounding ranges. The authorities have provided four fiber boats. The lake is gifted with a natural green and rocky island at the centre to lure the tourists. This beautiful spot is situated on the Solakkadu-Thinnanurpatty Road.

Botanical garden and cottages:

A botanical garden has been developed in Tampcol’s herbal farm which is 3kms from Semmedu. It has typical Rose garden, Children’s park and cottages of different types. One of the cottages is of Japanese type and built with grass as roof and has a lava-made turtle statue. Another one is a dark cave which makes us have a feel of darkness and caving experience. In addition four other types of cottages are available.

Flora and fauna:


Attention Lovers of Nature, Bird Watchers:

The Kolli Hills is famous for its honey, jack fruit, pepper, spices, pine apple and millets. The place has got reserve forests which are rich in medicinal plants. Ariyursola, Puliyanjolai, and Kundurnadu are shola forests under protection. The green forests are a feast to a tired mind and soul.The elephants and tigers once believed to be the inhabitants of these hills are now extinct. Bears, jackals, snakes, monkeys, peacocks are the present residents of Kollimalai forests.To bird watchers this thick green tree-filled forest offers a great variety of winged-habitants.

Mini Falls and Culture

Kolli hills stores small surprises like mini falls and tribal habitats.We can have a close look at tribal culture and spend sometime listening to their folk songs.

Meditation and Siddha Medicines

Apart form these Kolli hills is believed to be the preferred place of Siddhars who have abandoned their worldly life ; have chosen this serene, calm and peaceful hills to practice meditation and to do research on medicinal plants; naturally more people visit this place for meditation and medication under Siddha medicine for various diseases.

View Points in Kolli Hills:

kolli hills - view points


In addition Kolli hills has two view points one at Seekkuparai and other at Selurnadu. The other sites to be visited are Sandana Parai, Samanar caves, and Masi Peryasami temple-water falls.

In a nut shell Kolli Hill is a ‘must visit-place’;
If you want to laze around , you can go for a camp fire or just lie down and gaze at the million stars twinkling at you!
If you prefer adventure, go for trekking, cave exploration!
If you are a nature-lover seek going to water falls and bird watching!
If you want temples and meditation, try a silent and peaceful corner to sit and forget about the chaotic world and possibly your own self!
If you want your family to enjoy then chase them around the parks and nearby forests. But remember that in all your activities you will have feel of a cool and pollution free breeze !



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