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Namakkal is otherwise known as Namagiri . It is now becoming a very important centre all over India for egg production, truck building and education,though Namakkal is synonymous with Lord Anjaneya to the people of Tamilnadu.

Agriculture and Industry:

Basically Namakkal is an agricultural district; Globalization has drawn Namakkal into other fields of development. The people bravely took up the opportunity to change and innovate. So unexpectedly it has carved an enviable name in Poultry culture; about 175,00,000- 17.5 million- of eggs are the daily numbers of production; an amazing number for such a small district! They are supplied through out India. Naturally It is nowadays known as ‘Egg city of India’. The price of egg is fixed by Namakkal for the whole India!

Truck-body building industry

namakkal body builders
The body building for all types of trucks is flourishing in this little town. Goods Transport is the special industry which has become main the stay in the economics of this town. Almost 40% of vehicles running in Tamilnadu are built by Namakkal Transporters. Apart from Tamilnadu the nearby states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andrapradesh also utilize the expertise of Namakkal.


One cannot ignore recent strides made by the private entrepreneurs in Education industry in this district. The private participation in school education is definitely notable. College education is pretty appreciable and changing the face of the town.

Historical background

namakkal anjaneya temple
This town though small has a long history of its own. It is a part of Kongu nadu. An old fort is on this rock. The fort was constructed on the naturally formed one and half acres of flat space on this hillock. It was built by Atikula Kings. It was often under attack and won by various kings like Hoisalas, Cholas, Pandyas, Nayakars, and sultans, HyderAli, Tippu and lastly by British. The hillock has been housing Sri Ranganatha Temple and Sri Lakshminarasimha temple. The well known idol of Lord Anjaneya is just looking straight into the feet of Lord Lakshminarasimha. Lord Anjaneya takes viswaruba in our mind on hearing the name ‘Namakkal’ because of the size of idol which is eighteen feet in height!


kolli hills
If we think that Namakkal has nothing to offer other than temples, poultry and eggs, again we are mistaken. It has many places of interest around it.The most important one is Kolli Hills known in Tamil as Kollimalai. Kollimalai has a history of about two thousand years. There is a mention about King Valvil Ori of Kollimalai in Tamil literature of Sangam period which is more than two thousand years old. Kolli hills offer trekking, bird watching, herbal medicines and it has many water falls. more..


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